Window box U brackets (19cm)

Window box U brackets (19cm)

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A pair of window box brackets (pack of two), to fit our large or small window boxes. Only one pair needed for a large box

Black nylon coated high quality steel brackets which are extremely robust and strong, as well as providing exceptional weather proofing and superior outdoor performance. 

The front of the bracket is 17cm tall, which provides excellent security to secure your window boxes.

They have drill holes on the bottom (if you want to attached the brackets on your window sill)- as well as drill holes on the back plate (if you want to attach the brackets onto a wall or below your window sill). 

The screw type and length will depend on what material you are attaching the brackets to, and how deep you can screw into - as such we don't supply screws with the brackets, but the brackets will take most standard wood/masonry screws sizes.

Internal dimensions of the bracket is 19cm, which comfortably allows access to insert our large or small window boxes (which both have a width of 17.5cm). If you want to make the fit of the window box very snug, just add some spacers/wood off cuts behind the window box (between the window box and the back of the bracket). This is not however a necessity as once filled the window boxes are relatively heavy and don't tend to move.