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Decisions, decisions...

Posted by Tanya Wood on

Sun vs. shade, seasonal vs. evergreen...there are a number of things to consider before planting your window boxes.

Firstly, think about the direction your window box is facing and how much sun or shade it receives. This will determine what flowers you plant. Geraniums for example love the sun, whereas fuchsias will tolerate shade very well as will impatiens.

Then have a think about what sort of planting you want to do in your window boxes. Are you going to go for seasonal planting? Or would you prefer to fill the box with some evergreen plants that can act as a basic structure all year round? I'll cover some ideas for seasonal planting as we move through Spring into Summer (also have a look at last week's blog) but some ideas for evergreens could include miniature conifers, skimmias, lavenders, small euonymus, silver-leaved senecio or santolina. Also draped ivy placed intermittently around the edges and hanging over the sides provides a fantastically dramatic look for your window box.

Bay and Box large window box

As always, whatever you do, we would love to see your finished Bay and Box window boxes and planters. Please share with us on Facebook, Instagram using #bayandbox, or drop us an email. Our favourite will win £50!

Until next week folks, happy planting!

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