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What type of compost should I use in my window box?

Posted by Tanya Wood on

The type of compost you use in your window box is vital to the success or failure of your plants. Which type you choose will depend on whether you are planning a permanent or temporary display of plants or flowers.

Soil-based composts are best for permanent plants, such as rhododendrons and heathers, as they are heavy and free-draining. As a result, the nutrients are released slowly and they last for a last long.

On the other hand, soil-less composts are great for temporary window box plant displays as they are light and decrease in volume quickly. This means you have to feed the plants more often and watch for them drying out in the summer heat. A 50:50 mixture of soil-based and soil-less compost means you reap the benefits of both and makes life easier.

Essential for both composts and to get your plants looking great, is drainage. Our window boxes come with two drainage holes as standard, ensuring that moisture can drain out effectively.

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