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Staying out for the summer

Posted by Tanya Wood on

Well, we are certainly melting in the London spring/summer heat this weekend! Hotter then Ibiza apparently!

So what better time then to turn our attention to summer proper and the best choices for your Bay and Box window boxes.

If you are looking for plants that will stay out for the duration, the longest lasting flowing plants are impatiens (busy lizzies) and geraniums. There are plenty of varieties available with both of these choices, depending on the look you want to go for. For example, the ivy-leaved trailing geraniums give a more Mediterranean look than the more formal looking ones.

Ivy-leaved trailing geraniums - Bay and Box

Basic impatiens have been prone to disease over the last few years, but the impatiens New Guinea (larger and more expensive) are fantastic. 

With geraniums, there are the formal ones and pelargoniums or the ivy-leaved trailing geraniums. These can be mixed with lobelia, fuchsias, petunias, begonias, nasturtiums and any other plants you like.

If you get a chance in between sipping cocktails and eating ice-creams this summer, please do send us a picture of your planted Bay and Box window boxes for a chance to win £50. Join the community using #bayandbox on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy summer planting! X

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