Winter wonders

Posted by Tanya Wood on

It's been a really exciting time at Bay and Box this week as we launched our new artificial and Christmas collections!

For our range of artificial plants and flowers, we have scoured and tested products across the world to find the very best in the market.

High-quality and with an incredibly realistic look and feel, they provide the perfect maintenance-free option over the winter months and beyond, ideal for those who are away a lot or do not have a lot of spare time for the upkeep of their plants and flowers. They honestly had our friends and family fooled as to whether they were real or not!

Christmas is also round the corner, so we have brought together our favourite home accessories to adorn either your own Christmas table and home, or as a great gift for friends and family. Our Christmas window box is also guaranteed to give the right festive welcome to your guests.

Happy winter planting!

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