Your free gift - Nasturtium Cherry Rose

Posted by Tanya Wood on

This month, we're stepping into the light with a burst of spectacular colour courtesy of Nasturtium Cherry Rose seeds, free with every Bay and Box order!

A hardy annual, these seeds live in full sunlight and are even fully edible, the older leaves providing a peppery taste and the flowers sweet and spicy, perfect for salads or even this fishcake recipe.

To plant, simply:

  • Select a 'poor,' unfertilized soil for your window box - they flower well on poor, hungry soil and withstand fairly dry conditions.
  • Sow your seeds in your window box around 1.5cm deep and space them around 20cm apart into watered soil that has been well-drained.
  • Water the seeds well until the young plants are established.
  • Remove dead flowers to prolong the flowering period.

Whatever you choose to plant, please do send us a photo of your completed Bay and Box window box and share with us on Facebook or Instagram using #bayandbox. We will reward our favourite with £50!

Happy planting X

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