Growing herbs

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Looking beyond flowers and plants, of course you can also create a herb garden using your Bay and Box window box.

Chives, mint, parsley, sage and lots of others work really well either as a complete window box or mixed in with other plants. In particular, sage, with its soft leaves is excellent planted in with flowering plants and comes in a variety of colours.

To plant your herbs, make sure the box you are using has drainage holes. Bay and Box window boxes come with two drainage holes as standard. 

Use a well-drained compost and keep it moist, watering at regular intervals but not allowing the compost to become too soggy. Add in a balanced fertilizer to promote leafy rather then flowering growth. Choose a sunny spot to allow your herbs to get plenty of sunlight and sit back and enjoy the lovely smell and taste from your herbs all throughout the summer!
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Happy herb planting! x

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